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Korea Fund of Funds

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Main Text

Achieve policy goals through KFoF

  • Govemment

    Pursue policy goals of Government LPs

    • Provide investment capital for industrial promotion, job creation, and support for SMEs and venture companies

    Commitment to
    arrow Profit

  • Korea Fund of Funds

    Manage KFoF according to LP’s guidelines

    • Maintain independence for each LP through operating separate accounts

    Maximize Fund of Funds effect through indirect investment

    • Leverage Effect: X 4

    Balance between public interest and profit


  • Partnership Funds
    (VCF, PEF, etc)
    • Approx. 107 new funds created each year, with maturity of 6-8 years.
    • Invest in innovative technology projects, start-ups, and unlisted SMEs.

    Investment in
    arrow Return on

  • SMEs,
    Venture Companies

    Increase in corporate values with the growth of SMEs and venture companie

    • Realize profits from returns on investment capitals

    Retrieval of fund capitals

    • KOSDAQ (sales of shares), M&A, off-board market, etc.