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Korea Fund of Funds

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GP Selection

  1. Step1Establish annual investment plan

    Decide guidelines and criteria for KFoF asset allocation and GP selection

  2. Step2Announce funded projects

    Announce fund scale, Investment focus, main purpose, qualifications for application, selection criteria andschedule through KVIC home page

  3. Step3Receive applications
  1. Step41st evaluations

    Quantitative evaluation on fund management company/team/plan
    On-site due diligence
    Compliance evaluation

  2. Step52st evaluations

    Investment Committee

  3. Step6Select and organize portfolio

    Select an appropriate GP
    Contribute to a selected Partnership Fund

Post-Management for Partnership Fund

  • Risk Management

  • On-site Management

    • Participate in investment committee
    • Participate in general meeting of partners and investment report session
    • Due diligence on investments
    • Interim inspection and due diligence on fund dissolution
    • Visiting portfolio companies
  • DATA Analysis

    • Evaluate cash flow of partnership funds
    • Operate Early Warning System (EWS)
    • Conduct inspection on untransferred investment securities in collaboration with banks