Fund of Funds

Korea Fund of Funds

GP Selection

  • Establish annual investment plan

    • Decide guidelines and criteria for KFoF asset allocation and GP selection

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  • Announce funded projects

    • Announce fund scale, Investment focus, main purpose, qualifications for application, selection criteria andschedule through KVIC home page

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  • Receive applications

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  • 1st evaluations

    • Quantitative evaluation on fund management company/team/plan
    • On-site due diligence
    • Compliance evaluation

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  • 2st evaluations

    • Investment Committee

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  • Select and organize portfolio

    • Select an appropriate GP
    • Contribute to a selected Partnership Fund

Post-Management for Partnership Fund

  • Risk Management

  • On-site Management

    • Participate in investment committee
    • Participate in general meeting of partners and investment report session
    • Due diligence on investments
    • Interim inspection and due diligence on fund dissolution
    • Visiting portfolio companies
  • DATA Analysis

    • Evaluate cash flow of partnership funds
    • Operate Early Warning System (EWS)
    • Conduct inspection on untransferred investment securities in collaboration with banks