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Foreign VC Investment Fund

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Background of the Establishment

  • It was established to support entry of Korean startups and SMEs into the overseas market, and to promote the advancement of the venture capital ecosystem in accordance with “Ways to Promote the Virtuous Cycle of the Venture Foundation Fund Ecosystem” (announced in May 2013)

Top-tier investment firms or Korean venture capitalists in the United States, etc., can get invested from the Korea Fund of Funds under the same conditions as that of domestic VCs. Creating fund investing in domestic startups and subsequently supporting the overseas entry of domestic SMEs and local foundation in a foreign country

"Ways to Promote the Advancement of the Venture Foundation Fund Ecosystem"

Foreign VC Investment Fund Overview

(as of the end of December 2023, unit:USD million)

Foreign VC Investment Fund Overview - Composed of Formed in, Fund Size, No. of Partnership Funds, Size of Partnership Funds, Fund Duration
Foreign VC Investment Fund Foreign VC Investment Fund II
Formed in October 4th, 2013 July 15th, 2016
Fund Size 306.7 252.1
No. of Partnership Funds 37 26
Size of Partnership Funds 5,610.7 3,009.3
Fund Duration 21 years(2013.10~2034.10) 19 years(2016.7~2035.7)

Investment Target Offshore funds managed by overseas VCs meeting the following basic requirements

  • 1

    Fund should invest in Korean startups and SMEs to a certain degree

  • 2

    Overseas investors should participate in the fund as LPs

  • 3

    Retaining core personnel who are deemed capable of efficiently supporting domestic startups and SMEs